Getting started

The following documentation is for SuiteCRM Version 8+; to see documentation for Version 7, click here.

1. Intro

Before starting to develop your extensions you first need to setup a development environment. Since version 8.3.0 there are two ways to do this setup.

We recommend using the dev package that is available since version 8.3.0.

Alternatively you can setup an environment directly from the source code, without using any package.

  1. Download the dev package from github, e.g.:, see the dev package in the Latest GitHub Release

  2. Install SuiteCRM using the Downloading & Installing guide from the admin section

  3. Setup the frontend extension using the Getting started with frontend extension development

2. Understand how extensions work

The Extension Structure provide information about the extension structure and guidelines on how to build them.

3. Understand how the application is structured

The pages in the Architecture section provide information on how the application is structured and how it works.

4. Examples

If you would like more documentation on building specific extensions. Please see the guides in Front-end extension examples

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