8.4 Releases


Released 01/08/2023

Release Notes


  • We have updated the Field Logic page. This is now split into different pages.

    • We have added a new page explaining operators with examples here also.

Bug Fixes

  • PR: 299 - Fix #215 - Cant Create records from custom modules

  • PR: 286 - Fix #286 - Field Layout

  • PR: 285 - Fix #285 - Readonly Field on Field Logic

  • PR: 269 - Fix #296 - Fix case update notes


Nav Bar Redesign

The Nav Bar within Suite has went through some changes:

Nav Bar

The + will now show you actions relating to the module you are on, as well as Quick Actions to create a record in another module:

Contact Actions

Floating Save

SuiteCRM now has a floating save meaning no matter where you are on a record you can save:

Nav Bar

Smarty Upgrade

Smarty, the templating engine used in SuiteCRM 7.x, has been upgraded to v4 which brings some minor performance improvements and better compatibility going forward.

PHP 8.2 Support

This release brings a number of adjustments and updates in order to support PHP 8.2.

This includes:

  • Removal of deprecated functions/ features.

  • Update functions to PHP 8.2 standard.

  • Fixed Unit & Acceptance Tests

  • Executed Rector to clean up code.

  • Fixed code to eliminate warnings from logs.

Known Issues

  • Target Lists Edit-View doesn’t load.

  • Tasks "Related To" doesn’t render when a module is chosen.

  • Inline Email fields don’t have "Primary" set by default.

  • Admin → Themes whitescreens on-save.

  • Quotes Logic breaks when adding a Service Line.

  • Custom Modules made in Studio don’t load.

  • The Active Field on Users Profile is showing as a text field.

  • After saving in Studio it scrolls to the bottom of the page indefinitely.


We would love to have your feedback and input to help make SuiteCRM 8 great for everyone.

If you have found an issue you think we should know about, or have suggestion/feedback, please Submit An Issue.

If you want to get involved and submit a fix, fork the repo and when ready please Submit A PR - More detail for developers can be found here.

Please visit the official website to find the appropriate upgrade package.

To report any security issues please follow our Security Process and send them directly to us via email security@suitecrm.com

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